What I Published This Year: 2015


Hi, everyone! I hope y’all had a very Merry Christmas. Mine was great, although I didn’t get any writing or editing done. But that’s fine, because sometimes you need to take a day off to relax and enjoy time with friends and family.

But now Christmas is over and the New Year is almost upon us. With that, I thought I’d kick off my series of 2015 posts by posting about all of the books I published this year, starting in January and going all the way up to December.

I published a lot of books this year; 10 books over all, plus one series omnibus. Below you can find the covers for each book. The books are in order of publication, so here we go:

new prince malock world omnibus cover websiteGLITCH_APOCALYPSE_smallTheMagesGrave 200x300TheMagesLimits 200x300TheMagesSea 200x300TheMagesGhost 200x300

When one knight travels to a another world to find his long-lost sister, he is drawn into a conflict deeper than he knows.Alliance 200x300Allegiance 200x300Retaliation200x300Desinence 200x300

(NOTE: All of the above books are available in ebook and trade paperback wherever books are sold.)

Overall, not counting the omnibus, I published 778,520 words of fiction (not counting the words I published under my T.L. Charles pen name, which brings the total up to almost a million words published).

Anyway, I’d say publishing 10 books in one year is a mighty accomplishment no matter how you look at it. It would have been 12, but unfortunately not everything worked out the way I intended it to. Still, I am happy with this progress, because 10 books in one year is way more than 99% of all writers publish in a given year, much less write.

My goal for 2016 is to publish 12 novels under my Timothy L. Cerepaka name and a new pen name I hope to launch in fall 2016, not counting any series box sets or collections I might publish. I have no doubt that I will be able to do this.

In my next post, I will talk about some of my plans and goals for next year, so stay tuned for that.


Timothy L. Cerepaka
Timothy L. Cerepaka writes fantasy stories as an indie author. He is the author of the Prince Malock World series of fantasy novels, the Mages of Martir series of fantasy novels, and the science-fantasy standalone novel "The Last Legend: Glitch Apolcalypse." He lives in Texas.
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