Two Worlds

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Two Worlds is a series of science-fantasy  novels that takes place on the two worlds called Dela and Xeeo. Dela is a fantasy world, with magic and dwarves and elves and all that goes along with it, while Xeeo is a science fiction world, where technology and robots rule the day.

The series follows two inhabitants from these worlds: Rii Apakerec, a Knight of Se-Dela, and J997, a robotic law enforcement robot from Xeeo, as they get caught up in an ancient feud between two secret organizations that stretches back to the dawn of the two worlds themselves.

To read about each individual book, you can either click the covers above or click the links below to whichever book interests you:

Two Worlds Book #1: Reunification

Two Worlds Book #2: Alliance

Two Worlds Book #3: Allegiance

Two Worlds Book #4: Retaliation

Two Worlds Book #5: Desinence

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