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The Prince Malock World is a series of fantasy novels about Prince Tojas Malock, the Prince of the island of Carnag, as he matures from prince-hood to king-hood over the course of the series.

Over the course of the series, Prince Malock makes many friends, such as the ex-assassin Jenur Takren, and many foes, such as Hollech, the God of Deception, Thieves, and Horses, and visits many fantastic and dangerous places, such as Ikadori Island and World’s End. All four books in the series are currently available in ebook and trade paperback formats from Annulus Publishing.

This series is followed by Mages of Martir, which is set thirty years after the Prince Malock books and features a new cast of characters as they face a new threat to Martir.

To read the individual pages for each book, click on the cover of whichever book you want to read about or click the links below to each book’s individual page. Each page includes the book’s cover and synopsis, as well as links to where you can buy them in trade paperback and ebook formats.

Book 1: The Mad Voyage of Prince Malock

Book 2: The Return of Prince Malock

Book 3: The New Era of Prince Malock

Book 4: The Coronation of Prince Malock

The Prince Malock World Omnibus (complete collection of all four books!)


  1. I enjoyed this series immensely. Now that I am in retirement, I have the time to sit back and enjoy the fun of fiction again.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Larry! I had a lot of fun writing the series and am happy to know that other people enjoyed it as well.

      Have you read the sequel series, Mages of Martir? It takes place about 30 years after the Prince Malock books and features old familiar characters plus some brand new ones. If you enjoy the Prince Malock books, I think you’ll enjoy this series, too.

      The first book in the series, “The Mage’s Grave,” is free on all ebook platforms. You can also get “The Mages of Martir Omnibus” if you would prefer to get all four books in the series at once rather than buying one volume at a time.

      Again, I’m glad you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy any of my other books that you might read.

      1. Hey Timothy I just finished the tournament of the gods series and I loved it and I have to ask will you be writing another series in the martir universe I really hope so lol if you haven’t thought about it please consider it.(I would especially like to see how ruwa gets repaired and what it’s like afterwards)

        1. Hi, Dylan,

          I’m glad you loved the Tournament of the Gods series! It’s definitely one of my most popular series and I’m always glad to hear from people who enjoyed it.

          As for whether I’ll do another Martir series, I have no plans to at the moment (I am currently working on a new series set in a different universe), but I will consider it. If I do write another one, it will probably be sometime in mid 2017 at the earliest, though if there’s more demand for it I could easily do it sooner than that.

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