Looking Back: 2016 in review (and my plans for 2017)

Another year has come and gone and so much has happened this year. From major political events to celebrity deaths and everything in between, it is hard to call 2016 a ‘boring’ or even ‘uninteresting’ year by any measure. This will be a year that many people will remember for a very long time, including myself.

Drilling down to the individual level, this year was big for me as well. I finally began making a living wage from my writing, bought a car, and grew as a writer and a person in ways I never would have predicted back in January. I’ve also made lots of great writer friends, too, without whose help I would likely have not had such a great 2016.

In fact, I would even say that 2016 is the best year of my life yet. Period. Whether from a writing perspective or a personal perspective, this year has been my best. My books have sold amazingly well and I’ve made more money this year than I have in the entirety of my life prior to this year (which, granted, isn’t saying much given how young I am, but it’s still the truth).

In 2016, I launched my pen name, Lucas Flint, and it’s main series, The Superhero’s Son, which became my bestselling series ever. It’s what helped me to buy a car and make a real living with my writing. I intend to continue my superhero books into 2017, though I will talk about that in more detail later on.

I also published 18 books between my main name and my Lucas Flint pen name. That’s the most books I’ve ever published in one year. Even I can barely believe it. But it’s true. That’s one of the reasons I’ve done so well this year, although it is of course not the only one.

On a personal level, I’ve grown as a man and as a person. I have a much better understanding of who I am and what I want and what I need to do. I have a much greater vision for my life; I’m no longer quite as timid or hesitant as I was before. I think I even look better, honestly. I’ve learned more skills this year than I had the year before, skills that will no doubt help me to become even more successful in 2017 and beyond.

Overall, I am extremely happy with 2016. This was my best year yet by far.

What are my goals for 2017? I won’t list all of them here (mostly because many of them are personal and so probably not very interesting to most of you), but for my writing career, my goals for 2017 look like this at the moment:

-Publish 20 individual novels under both of my main names

-Publish two epic fantasy/sword and sorcery series under Timothy L. Cerepaka

-Publish two superhero series under Lucas Flint

-Publish a new series in a new subgenre I am currently researching. It will probably not be published under Lucas Flint, but it may be published under Timothy L. Cerepaka. There is also a strong possibility that I may publish it under an entirely new pen name, although I can’t guarantee that

-Finally maybe possibly get a few of my books into audio (I’ve been saying this since 2015 and I still haven’t done it, so don’t expect anything from this particular goal for 2017 until I can confirm that audio books are on the way).

-Participate in a new collaborative project that I cannot discuss in public at the moment, although if it works out, it could be really great for my career

That’s what you can expect from me in 2017. My goals will likely change and evolve over the coming year, but I expect most of these to goals to stay the same.

Happy New Year’s,

Timothy L. Cerepaka

Timothy L. Cerepaka
Timothy L. Cerepaka writes fantasy stories as an indie author. He is the author of the Prince Malock World series of fantasy novels, the Mages of Martir series of fantasy novels, and the science-fantasy standalone novel "The Last Legend: Glitch Apolcalypse." He lives in Texas.


    1. Thanks, Sean!

      The key is consistency and getting that momentum going. Once you get into the habit of writing every day, it becomes easier and easier to finish books. Also, it helps that I have a good, streamlined writing and publishing process that really works for me.

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