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For many writers, the hardest part of the book is not writing it, but the other aspects of the production process, such as formatting, cover design, marketing, and so on. While a basic working knowledge of all of these concepts is necessary for a writer’s career, the fact is that many writers do not have the skills or knowledge necessary to do all of these tasks well, nor do they have the time or patience necessary to learn how to do them themselves.

That’s where freelancers like myself step in. As an author myself, I format my own books, both ebook and paperback, but I know that a lot of writers either cannot or do not want to do it for various reasons and prefer to hire this task out instead.

Thus, I’ve decided to start offering ebook and paperback formatting services for authors. I have three years of experience doing my own ebooks and paperbacks, designing them for Amazon, Smashwords, Nook, Kobo, and other ebook retailers and aggregators, as well as CreateSpace.

My ebook and paperback designs are not very fancy or elaborate; however, they are easy to read and will look great, whether on an ereader or on paper, and in the case of ebooks, will have no problem being uploaded to whatever ebook platform you are publishing on. You can see some samples of some of my paperback books below (NOTE: Lucas Flint is my pen name).

If you’d like to hire me to do some formatting for you, then fill out the form at the bottom of this post and we can get started right away.

NOTE: I do not offer editing or cover design services at this time.

Types of books I can do:


-Short stories

-Short story collections/anthologies

-Basic nonfiction books (very few or no images)

-Essay collections

My process:

After receiving your order through the below contact form, I will request the source document from you. Once I receive the source document, I will begin work on the book right away and will have it done in as timely a manner as possible (see turnaround times below for more info).

After I finish the book, I will send you a PayPal invoice with the final price and the final files. I also offer revisions after the book is complete, although I usually do a good enough job the first time around that you probably won’t need very many revisions.


Basic ebook – $40

Ebook box set – $95+ (depends on how many books are in the box set)

What I need: A doc, rtf, or odt base file that has been fully proofread (I will not do any editing), including a copyright page and author bio, plus whatever else you wish to include in the book. I can also use other source documents, but I prefer the previously mentioned file types.

Please send me the cover as well so I can embed it in the ebook, but if you do not have the cover yet, I can still make your ebook and/or paperback.

Please note that if your ebook is image-heavy (more than 2 images), I will not do it, as I have little experience in that area and would not be able to deliver a quality product as a result.

What you get: A professionally-formatted mobi file for Amazon, a professionally-formatted epub file for other ebook retailers, and a professionally-formatted Word document for aggregators like Draft2Digital and Smashwords. I can also make a Smashwords-friendly Word document at no extra charge.


0-30,000 – $45

31,000-60,000 words – $65

61,000-90,000 words – $85

91,000-120,000 words – $105

121,000-150,000 words – $125

151,000-180,000 words – $145

181,000-210,000 words – $165

211,000 and up – We’ll talk about it

What I need: See the “What I need” for ebooks above. Additionally, if you know the trim size of your paperback book, please let me know so I can make sure I get the correct amount of pages in the book.

What you get: A print-ready PDF file for CreateSpace or other POD companies. I can also provide you with a Word document that you can edit yourself in case you need to make any changes.

If you have a specific commercial font you want me to use for the paperback cover, please send it along with the source document in the email. If not, I will use my own.

Paperback + ebook combo:

0-30,000 words – $75

31,000-60,000 words – $95

60,000 words-90,000 words – $115

91,000 words-120,000 words – $135

121,000-150,000 words – $165

151,000-180,000 words – $175

180,000-210,000 words – $195

211,000 words and up – We’ll talk about it

What I need: See “What I need” for ebooks above.

What you get: A professionally-formatted mobi file for Amazon and a professionally-formatted epub for other retailers, plus a print-ready PDF file for CreateSpace or other POD companies.

Turnaround times:

NOTE: The below turnaround times are my average. Actual time to finish book may vary. I will let you know if there will be any delays due to something in my schedule or if I can get it done much quicker than that.

Ebooks – 1 business day

Ebook box sets – 2-3 business days

Paperbacks – 4-5 business days


Series – 10% off per book if purchased all together. Including ebook and paperback

Rush rates: $50 in addition to the regular fees listed above


After the book is finished, you will receive an invoice via PayPal with the price for the work I did. All payments will be done via PayPal.


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