Fifth and final Two Worlds book, “Desinence,” is now available!

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That’s right. At long last, the final Two Worlds novel, Desinence, is now available in ebook format wherever books are sold!

Here’s the blurb for those who don’t know what it is about:

The end is here.

In the fifth and final Two Worlds novel, Rii, a heroic knight, and J997, a law enforcement robot, must work separately and together to stop the reunification process that is bringing the two worlds together. At stake are the lives of the billions of innocent people on both worlds, including Rii’s siblings and J997’s fellow law enforcement officers, who will not survive the forcible reunification of the worlds.

But with Reunification’s leader and his followers blocking their every step, Rii and J997 must use their strength, cunning, and intelligence to save the two worlds from certain doom. And if they fail, then the consequences will be truly apocalyptic.”

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Trade paperback edition from CreateSpace coming very soon.

Also, a quick bit of news about my next series, Tournament of the Gods: Unfortunately, I will have to push Book #1, Gathering of the Chosen*, back to January 2016, rather than its original December 2015 release date as I planned. I’ll try to get it published before New Year’s, but that is looking increasingly unlikely at the moment.

In any case, I’ll probably be doing a few posts between now and New Year’s about what I published, what I learned, my goals for the next year, and so on. Expect the first post to be after Christmas.

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