The Return of Prince Malock

The Return of Prince Malock
Series: Prince Malock World, Book 2
Genre: Fantasy
Tags: fantasy, Prince Malock
Publisher: Annulus Publishing
Publication Year: 2014
Length: 274 (print edition)
ASIN: 0692303251
ISBN: 9780692303252
In the second book of the Prince Malock World, Prince Malock returns to his home island of Carnag, where an unpleasant surprise awaits him, one that will change his life forever.
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About the Book

With his faith in the gods shattered, Prince Tojas Malock returns to his home island, where he hopes to lick his wounds and plan his revenge against the gods.

But when Malock arrives, he discovers that his parents have already set up an arranged marriage for him with the princess of a rival nation without his knowledge or approval and who he dislikes. And when a new movement against the gods led by a charismatic prophet rises, Malock must now decide whether to support this
social movement or reject it and accept his marriage to the princess, which would make it impossible for him to fight against the gods and get his revenge for what
they did to him.

Whatever decision Malock makes, his life will never be the same.

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