The Prince Malock World Omnibus

The Prince Malock World Omnibus
Series: Prince Malock World, Book 0
Genre: Fantasy
Tags: fantasy, Prince Malock
Publisher: Annulus Publishing
Publication Year: December 2015
The complete collection of the Prince Malock World series, containing "The Mad Voyage of Prince Malock," "The Return of Prince Malock," "The New Era of Prince Malock," and "The Coronation of Prince Malock."
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About the Book

In the Prince Malock World fantasy series, Prince Tojas Malock, the Prince of Carnag, lives in a world where the gods were long ago divided as a result of a terrible civil war fought between them. As he strives to succeed his father as the King of Carnag, Malock must deal with terrible gods, enigmatic figures and mysteries, and the end of the world itself.

In this omnibus, readers can get all four books in the Prince Malock World—The Mad Voyage of Prince Malock, The Return of Prince Malock, The New Era of Prince Malock, and The Coronation of Prince Malock—for the first time ever for half of what it would cost to buy all four volumes separately!

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