The New Era of Prince Malock

The New Era of Prince Malock
Series: Prince Malock World, Book 3
Genre: Fantasy
Tags: fantasy, Prince Malock
Publisher: Annulus Publishing
Publication Year: 2014
Length: 330 pages (print edition)
ASIN: 0692322523
ISBN: 9780692322529
In the third Prince Malock World novel, Prince Malock and his friends race to the edge of the world to save it from destruction, while Skimif remains on Carnag and discovers his true destiny.
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About the Book

With apocalypse imminent, Prince Tojas Malock leads his ragtag band of friends and allies through the southern seas to the edge of the world in order to save all of creation from destruction.

But, though Malock is determined to save the world, the gods have other plans for Malock and his friends, plans to derail their quest and send the whole world tumbling end over end into oblivion.

Yet even if Malock overcomes the challenges that the gods have in store for him, he may be too late to save his world from the entities that wish to destroy it.

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