The Martir Chronicles Box Set

The Martir Chronicles Box Set
One million words. Nearly 2,000 pages. 272 chapters. 12 books. Three series. One massive collection. Plus one bonus short story, all at one great price.
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About the Book

For the first time ever, get all twelve books from the Martir Chronicles series in one convenient package!

In the Prince Malock World series, follow Prince Tojas Malock as he grows to succeed his father as the next king of his homeland while also dealing with the actions of the enigmatic and often antagonistic gods; in Mages of Martir, Darek Takren, a student at the most prestigious magical school in the world, must defeat a powerful new threat to Martir that even the gods are unable to combat; and in Tournament of the Gods, three mortals–Braim Kotogs, Raya Mana, and Carmaz Korva–are chosen to participate in the Tournament of the Gods, in which the ultimate prize is godhood and immortality for the winner, though with enemies scheming in the background to destroy them, winning the tournament may be an insurmountable challenge.

Also includes the bonus short story, What Sharks Hide From.

Genres: Epic Fantasy, Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery
Tags: epic fantasy, fantasy, Mages of Martir, Prince Malock, sword and sorcery, Tournament of the Gods
Publisher: Annulus Publishing
Publication Year: November 2016
Length: 1,933
eBook Price: $24.99
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