Series: Two Worlds, Book 4
Genres: Fantasy, Science-fantasy, Science-fiction
Tags: science-fantasy, science-fiction, Two Worlds
Publisher: Annulus Publishing
Publication Year: October 2015
Length: 191 (print edition)
ISBN: 0692566546
In the fourth Two Worlds novel, J997 and the remnants of the Foundation must break into the most secure prison in the two worlds to save the Foundation's best agent. If they fail, then the worlds will not survive.
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About the Book

Breaking the law is sometimes the most lawful thing to do.

Having been framed for crimes he did not commit, the robotic law enforcer known as J997 must break even more laws as he attempts to stop the secret organization called Reunification from reuniting the worlds. He and his allies—the surviving members of the organization known as the Foundation—will need the aid of the best agent in the Foundation in order to stop Reunification once and for all.

But when it turns out that this agent has been arrested and thrown into the most secure prison in the world, J997 and his allies must break him out of prison before his scheduled execution. If they fail to rescue this agent, then their chances of defeating Reunification and saving the world will become nearly hopeless.

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