Kingdom of Gods

Kingdom of Gods
Series: The War-Torn Kingdom, Book 4
Genres: Epic Fantasy, Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery
Tags: epic fantasy, fantasy, sword and sorcery, The War-Torn Kingdom
Publisher: Annulus Publishing
Publication Year: June 2016
Length: 251 (print edition)
In the fourth book of The War-Torn Kingdom, Keo arrives in the country of the religious Divinians in time to learn that his friends are about to be executed by the natives for their association with him. Keo must rescue his friends before they are executed; if he fails, all of Lamaira will perish.
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About the Book

With his training among the Dracones complete, Keo travels south to the country of the Divinians, intending to reunite with his friends who he had sent ahead of him to prepare the country for his arrival.

Upon arriving in the country, however, Keo learns that his friends have been captured by the Divinians, who intend to execute them in a week’s time. Their crime: Announcing Keo’s arrival, who the Divinians believe will destroy their religion and way of life unless they kill him and his friends first.

To save his friends, Keo must travel to the country’s capital, battling demons and enemy soldiers every step of the way. And Keo cannot afford to fail, for if he does, then the Kingdom of Lamaira will never reunite under its king and defend itself from the destructive might of the demons.

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