Kingdom of Demons

Kingdom of Demons
Series: The War-Torn Kingdom, Book 5
Genres: Epic Fantasy, Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery
Tags: epic fantasy, fantasy, sword and sorcery, The War-Torn Kingdom
Publisher: Annulus Publishing
Publication Year: August 2016
Length: 347 (print edition)
In the final book of The War-Torn Kingdom, Keo returns to his homeland to defeat the demons once and for all. But the demons have a final gambit to play against Keo, and if Keo is not smart, his entire quest may fail.
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About the Book

With the peoples of Lamaira united behind him, Keo returns to his home country, intending to free it from the tyrannical rule of his childhood friend, Nesma, and stop the demons from rising once and for all.

But when Nesma tells Keo that she has betrayed the demons and will lead him to the location of the demon’s seal if he will trust her, Keo accepts her offer and travels with her to the place where the demons were sealed away a thousand years ago.

Their journey to the seal, however, will not be easy, with demons and Magicians attempting to stop them every step of the way. And even if Keo does reach the seal in time to stop the demons’ return, he may find himself walking into a trap he cannot escape.

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