The Mage’s Limits

The Mage’s Limits
Series: Mages of Martir, Book 2
Genre: Fantasy
Tags: fantasy, Mages of Martir
Publisher: Annulus Publishing
Publication Year: April 2015
Length: 364 pages (print edition)
ASIN: 0692437096
ISBN: 9780692437094
In the second Mages of Martir novel, Darek Takren must infiltrate the army of a deranged demigod to stop his evil plan to destroy the gods. Yet when the demigod offers Darek the limitless power he wants, stopping the mad man no longer seems as easy as it used to.
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About the Book

Book #2 in the Mages of Martir series

A year after the disappearance of the dangerous god-killer called Uron, Darek Takren is torn between his desire to follow the teachings of his headmaster and his desire to achieve the limitless yet forbidden power he needs to help the gods protect the world.

To make matters worse, a powerful and charismatic mage claiming to be the son of a god has escaped from prison, seeking revenge for wrongs committed against him long ago. His targets: North Academy, the school that Darek calls home, and World’s End, the island of the gods.

To save his home and his friends, Darek must infiltrate the deranged demigod’s army of former criminals and kill him before it is too late. Yet when this mage offers Darek the unlimited power he desires, killing the mage no longer seems quite as simple the task as it once appeared.

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