Betrayal of the Chosen

Betrayal of the Chosen
Series: Tournament of the Gods, Book 2
Genre: Fantasy
Tags: fantasy, Tournament of the Gods
Publisher: Annulus Publishing
Publication Year: February 2016
Length: 277 (print edition)
ASIN: 0692652019
ISBN: 0692652019
In the second Tournament of the Gods novel, Braim must escape the clutches of a mad god, Raya must uncover the secrets of a sinister tailor, and Carmaz must ensure that no one knows of his connection to Braim's kidnapping.
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About the Book

Powerless and in the clutches of a mad god who desires the secrets of his resurrection, Braim Kotogs must escape the god’s island in order to return to the Tournament of the Gods. But when the god’s experiments leave him unable to trust his senses, escaping the deity’s clutches suddenly becomes harder than it first seemed.

Raya Mana wants a dress, which a famed katabans tailor has agreed to trade her for in exchange for one of her own dresses. Yet there is more to this famous tailor than meets the eye and Raya must break into his shop so she can to uncover his secrets before his dark plan can come to fruition.

In exchange for learning the secrets of resurrection so he can bring back his deceased friend, Carmaz Korva helps a mad god kidnap Braim and spirit him away from the Tournament. Now Carmaz must ensure that no one knows that Braim is missing or that he is behind Braim’s disappearance, otherwise he will be disqualified from the Tournament and be unable to ascend to godhood and help his people.

And once this is all over, their lives—and their friendships—will never be the same.

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