Series: Two Worlds, Book 2
Genres: Fantasy, Science-fantasy, Science-fiction
Tags: fantasy, science-fantasy, science-fiction, Two Worlds
Publisher: Annulus Publishing
Publication Year: August 2015
Length: 234 (print edition)
ASIN: 0692524746
ISBN: 0692524746
In the second Two Worlds book, the robot known as J997 goes to Dela to arrest a criminal on the run from the Xeeonite authorities. But J997 soon finds himself stranded on that world, caught in a conflict between two ancient organizations that he wants no part of.
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About the Book

His allies are not always who they seem to be.

The law enforcement robot known as J997 travels to the magical and mystical world of Dela after a criminal wanted on his homeworld of Xeeo. His mission is simple: Find the criminal and bring her back to his world to be judged for her crimes. With an entire database in his head that contains information on everything in the two worlds, and an unflappable desire to pursue the criminal, J997 is certain that this job will be quick.

But the mission becomes more complicated when J997 is caught between two secret organizations whose conflict goes back to the dawn of the two worlds themselves. J997 must now avoid getting caught in the crossfire if he is going to return home to Xeeo in one piece. Unless the two organizations have anything to say about it.

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