Free SFF books August 6-7 only!

SFFpromoAugust2016HomeHey, everyone! This weekend only, a bunch of other authors and I are offering a variety of free ebooks from across the SFF spectrum and across all the major ebook retailers (Amazon, Nook, Kobo, etc.). This includes my book, The Mage’s Grave, but there are plenty of other equally awesome books available for you to choose.

Click the picture above to go to the promo page or click this link HERE instead. Or, if you’d prefer to go directly to the page for your favorite retailer, click any of the links below:





Google Play


Better hurry up and get these books while you can, because not all of them will be free forever and I can’t guarantee when or if they will ever be available for free again.


Timothy L. Cerepaka

Some Updates

Hi, everyone!

With the release of my newest novel, Kingdom of Demons, yesterday, that means I have officially finished The War-Torn Kingdom series. Yay!

So what do I plan to publish in September?


That’s right. September will be the first month in a while that I will not publish anything new, at least under the Timothy L. Cerepaka name. My Lucas Flint pen name is a completely different story, however, as I have several new releases under that pen name planned between now and the end of the year.

Does that mean I’m done with this pen name entirely? Nope!

I do plan to write and publish a brand new epic fantasy/sword and sorcery series called The Dragon God Chronicles, which will start off as a trilogy. The first book, which is currently untitled, is scheduled for a November 2016 release.

The reason for the far off release date is because I am taking my time studying the market and planning this series out. I really want to hit it out of the park with this next series, so I’m going to do everything I can to ensure it will be my best release yet.

But it’s not like I’m not doing ANYTHING between now and November. My main project between now and then is rebranding my first series, the Prince Malock World books, plus the box set. I’m going to give them new covers, new blurbs, cleaned up formatting, new prices, the whole shebang. Expect to see the new rebranding over August and September as my cover designer gets the new covers to me and I put them up on Amazon and elsewhere.

Also, expect to see a couple more box sets of my already existing series between now and November, including a truly massive twelve-book box set containing every book in the Prince Malock World, Mages of Martir, and Tournament of the Gods series. That particular box set will be release a little bit differently than normal, however, so keep an eye out for an announcement regarding that sometime next month.

As you can tell, I will be quite busy between now and the release date of The Dragon God Chronicles. If you’d like to try to keep up with me, subscribe to my mailing list by typing your email address into the box on the right side or bottom of the screen or click this link HERE to go to the newsletter sign up page. That’s the best way to keep up with me and learn about all my newest releases and deals before anyone else.

Have a nice day,

Timothy L. Cerepaka

Now available: “Kingdom of Demons”

KingdomofDemons 200x300

Hey, everyone! The fifth and final book of The War-Torn Kingdom series now available for purchase on Amazon! It is also free to borrow for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Click the cover image above or click this link HERE to go directly to its Amazon product page. You can also get it in trade paperback from here and here.

Although this is the final book of The War-Torn Kingdom, I have plans for a brand new series for November 2016. I will put up a post here tomorrow with my plans for the fall, so keep an eye on this space for that.


Timothy L. Cerepaka

Available for pre-order: “Kingdom of Demons”

KingdomofDemons 200x300

Hey, everybody! Just wanted to announce that the fifth and final book in The War-Torn Kingdom is now available for pre-order on Amazon and will be officially available for purchase on Monday, August 1st, 2016.

Click the cover image above or this link HERE to go to its Amazon product page to pre-order it.

And, as always, the book will be available in trade paperback form very soon.

Have a nice day,

Timothy L. Cerepaka

Review: “Warrior Mage” by Lindsay Buroker

Hello, all!

Recently I’ve been doing some research in the fantasy genre and one of the books I’ve read is Warrior Mage, by Lindsay Buroker, the first book in her Chains of Honor series.

This book is about a guy named Yanko White Fox, who is a mage who has an affinity for earth magic and can also communicate with animals. He receives a message from the leader of his nation putting him on a quest to save his people, though he faces plenty of challenges along the way.

It is a very well-written fantasy novel, with great worldbuilding, interesting characters, and some pretty good action as well. My only complaint is that the protagonist sometimes was too whiny for my tastes, but he is young and will probably develop into a less whiny character in later books (though I don’t know for sure, since I haven’t read them yet).

I highly recommend the book to anyone who enjoys fantasy, particularly if you like non-medieval fantasy. And at 99 cents for the Kindle edition (which you can buy here), there’s really no reason not to pick up a copy if it looks interesting to you.

My interview on The Hair Radio Morning Show

Hello, y’all! I was interviewed on The Hair Radio Morning Show recently, in which I talked about my books, the genre I write in, plus some of my plans for the future.

Click HERE to listen to my first ever radio interview. You will have to skip ahead a bit to the 1:30:00 mark, however, because that is when my interview begins.

New release: Kingdom of Dragons

KingdomofDragons 200x300

Hey, everyone! My newest novel, Kingdom of Dragons, is now available for purchase on Amazon and for free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers! Click on the cover above or on the prior link to go directly to its Amazon page to purchase it.

The next book in the series, Kingdom of Gods, will be available in July 2016.

Free books across all sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc.) June 4-5 only!

Free ebooks wide June 4-5


Hey, everybody! I forgot to post this yesterday, but for this weekend only, a whole bunch of other authors and I are offering tons of free ebooks from across the SFF spectrum, including my book, Gathering of the Chosen

This time, however, we’re doing things a little bit differently. Instead of focusing exclusively on Amazon, we’re focusing on all of the major ebook retailers, including Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Apple’s iBooks, Kobo, and Google Play. That way, you get your pick of where you can get your free ebooks, though not all free ebooks are available on every platform.

Click the picture at the top of the post to go to the main promo page or follow the links below to go to the page for each respective retailer:


Barnes & Noble

Apple iBooks


Google Play

Most of these books are free for this weekend only and I can’t guarantee that they will ever be free again, so grab them now while you have the chance!

NEW RELEASE: Kingdom of Heirs

KingdomofHeirs 200x300

Hey, everyone! The second book in my War-Torn Kingdom series, Kingdom of Heirs, is now available for purchase from Amazon. It is also available for free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Buy Kingdom of Heirs HERE or click the cover above, which is also a link to the book’s Amazon page.

The third book in the series, Kingdom of Dragons, is set for release in June 2016.

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